How do I bid?

Depending on the type of auction (Live, Online, Classic), you can bid by registering for the auction and placing different types of bid (fixed, automatic or Live).

I. Live auctions:

1.) Automatic auctions

For Live auctions (streamed live on Interencheres), you can place automatic bids in advance (these amounts are not disclosed to the auction houses). All you have to do is click the “Place a bid” button, then fill in a quick registration form with your details (address, phone number, etc.). Bidding automatically via our technology, these automatic auctions guarantee you the fairest price, within the limit of your maximum bid. Automatic auctions (or secret buy orders) are very practical if you can't follow and enter a live sale on the day.

2.) Live auctions
You can also bid (and outbid) live when a lot is up for auction. All you have to do is register for the sale, click on “Enter the sale” on the day of the sale, and then when the lot comes up, unlock the bid button by clicking “Bid €X”. During the sale, your bids will be announced and counted by the auctioneer as if you were in the auction room.

II. Online auctions:

1.) Automatic purchase orders
You can place automatic buy orders on ONLINE sales by registering and entering the maximum amount of your bid. Your order (whose amount is not disclosed to the auction houses) will be deployed automatically by our technology, guaranteeing you the fairest price.

2. ) Direct auctions
You can also bid for the amount you want until the timer on the lot runs out. All you have to do is enter your bid amount on the lot page and validate it, or validate the next bid suggested to you. If you bid within a few seconds of the end of the timer, an additional 60 seconds will be added before the bid closes.

III. Classic sales (non-live, non-online):

Fixed buy orders
You can place buy orders, indicating the maximum amount you are prepared to pay for the lot you are interested in. Prior to the sale, this maximum amount will be disclosed to the auction house. During the sale, the auctioneer will bid on your behalf, trying to buy the lot at the lowest possible price without exceeding your stated maximum amount.

All you have to do is:
- go to the item you are interested in
- click the “Place a bid” button
- enter the maximum amount of your order then click the “Confirm” button
- fill in a quick form with your details (enter your address, phone number, validate the terms and conditions of sale, etc.)

You will receive a confirmation email following your bid.


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