What is a Live auction?

A Live auction is the online streaming of an auction that is currently taking place in the auction room. Interencheres Live technology lets you follow an auction from home and bid in real time, just like the bidders physically present in the auction room.

There are two ways to bid on the Live sales on Interencheres:

  • live, during the sale: To attend a LIVE sale, simply register by entering your details and making a bank transfer. You can register before and during the sale. During the sale, your bids will be announced and counted by the auctioneer as if you were in the auction room.
  • by placing automatic bids: placed by our technology within the limit of your maximum bid, these bids (whose amounts are not shown to the auctioneers) are the ideal solution when you cannot follow the sale live through your screen. In fact, you can place automatic buy orders before the lot you are interested in comes up, even if the sale has already started.


These LIVE sales can be recognised on our site by the red icon and the red border on the lots. To find out more, see our “How to bid section.


Please note: In France, the term “commissaire-priseur” is the usual term used to mean “auctioneer” . For more information on this terminology, see this article.


For any further information, our Customer Service is available 7 days a week at contact@interencheres.com

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