Why am I not receiving my alerts? Why don't they match my settings?

Since our site has been translated into English, it is likely that you are not receiving alerts or that they do not correspond to the keywords you have predefined. 

It is essential to choose the language in which you browse our site carefully and to set your profile to the language of your choice, as this will impact not only the communications you will receive but also your alerts. 

Alerts retain their initial settings and the language in which they were created. 

If a keyword has different meanings in the two languages, the alerts you receive will vary according to the selected navigation language. 

For example, if you have configured a notification for the word "Car" and browse our site in French, you will receive information about new buses. On the other hand, if you are browsing in English, the alert will pick up all the cars.

However, it is possible that a keyword does not exist in the other language. In this case, no alert can be generated for this word. 

For example, if you predefine an alert on the word "Montre" in French and browse our site in this language, you will receive the new watches on sale. In English, this word has no direct equivalent. Therefore, if you browse in English without translating this keyword, you will not receive any alerts unless you change it to its English equivalent, "watch".

To avoid any inconvenience and to ensure optimal use of our alerts, we invite you to review your keywords and adjust them according to your chosen browsing language. 

Please consult our dedicated article for more details and recommendations on managing your alerts.

For any further information, our Customer Service is available 7 days a week at contact@interencheres.com  

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