What are the different delivery methods?

Depending on the auction house, the type of auction (judicial or voluntary) and the category of item (Furniture and Works of Art, Professional Equipment or Vehicles), you may be offered different delivery options for the lot you have purchased at auction.

You can find out about the different delivery methods for the lots you are interested in by simply visiting the lot pages.


Among the delivery options, you can choose between:

  • On-site collection:

In this case, all you have to do is go to the address provided by the auction house (for example, the place of sale).
Before you go, make sure you check the collection arrangements and locations (sometimes an auction house will offer collection from a location other than the auction room, on a very specific day and at a very specific time).

  • Delivery with our partner transport company, ThePackengers

For lots categorised as “Furniture and Works of Art” (pieces of furniture, paintings, sculptures, jewellery, clocks and watches, books, wines, numismatics, music, etc.), Interencheres offers auction houses the opportunity to arrange your delivery with the transport company ThePackengers.

If you wish, you can get delivery estimates for the “Furniture and Works of Art” lots you want in just a few clicks before the sale.

By default, the estimate simulator uses the postcode of the address entered in your Profile to calculate the transport costs (from the lot collection point). However, you can generate estimates with separate postcodes.

ThePackengers transport estimates include the costs of collection, packaging and transport. The insurance cover for the object being transported is calculated based on the item's value. We recommend entering the maximum price for which you expect to obtain a lot, including costs, as the insurance cost.


We recommend that you save the estimates generated if you are bidding on a lot.

  • Delivery with a transport solution offered by our auction houses:

Depending on the type of sale and the items, our auction houses can also offer you specific delivery solutions (specialised carriers, parcels, etc.).
Please feel free to contact the auction house offering the lot you are interested in directly if you would like more information or an estimate.

  • Delivery arranged by you:

If you prefer, you can also use the carriers of your choice to arrange delivery of the lots you buy at auction.
Note: Don't forget to let your auction houses know in advance that your carriers will be visiting.

For any further information, our Customer Service is available 7 days a week at contact@interencheres.com

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