How do I search?

Enter a keyword in the search bar at the top centre of the Interencheres home page.

Your search returns a number of lots that you can filter by category, date, place of sale, price range, etc.



  • For more precise results, we advise you to use speech marks to find exact keywords (e.g. “romanée”, “fauteuil cabriolet”).
  • You can also exclude certain terms from your alerts by using a hyphen (for example: Picasso-Citroën will prevent you from getting cars in the results of your search.
  • You can also use an asterisk for a more general search (for example: medal* will find results for medals, but also for medallions).
  • You can also search by area using the “Buy at auction” drop-down menu. A wide range of categories and themes are available: Asian and African art, decorative arts, fashion and jewellery, vehicles, etc.

You've got all the information you need now to find your perfect match! And if none of the lots match your search criteria, try changing the wording.


You can also activate alerts so you are notified when a lot you are looking for is offered by one of our partner auction houses.

Now it’s over to you to bid!


For any further information, our Customer Service is available 7 days a week at

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