Why buy at auction? What are the benefits?

Over three million different lots (furniture, art and decor, fashion and jewellery, watches, music, wines and spirits, tableware, toys, books, computers and phones, sports and classic cars, household appliances, and professional equipment) are offered for sale on our site every year by auction houses located all over France. You can find a multitude of unique objects at auction (vintage, second-hand, used or new) and give them a second life.

By placing buy orders in advance or bidding live, you decide the price (excluding fees) of the lots you wish to acquire. Auctions are therefore the ideal place to buy items at the best prices and find some great bargains.

Lastly, auctions are a reliable and worry-free way of transacting business. Auctions organised by French auctioneers (known as “commissaires-priseurs” or “commissaires de justice”) are highly regulated. In addition, the authenticity and condition of lots purchased at auction are guaranteed by the information given in the catalogue.

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